Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i'm addicted...

...to Motion Math.  If you have an iphone or an ipad you know how addictive mobile games can be.  Angry Birds, anyone?  Why not use the allure of mobile games to help kids with math?  Kids like to play games.  They're going to play games.  Period.  Let's give them games that help them in school and make learning fun.  If your kids/students are struggling with fractions, instead of piling on extra worksheets (read: super boring, lead to burn-out), let them spend some time playing Motion Math.

Here's how it works:  "Motion Math helps learners perceive and estimate many important representations — numerator over denominator (1/2), percents (50%), decimals (.5), and even pie charts! By connecting each type with its distance on the number line, learners can develop a fast, accurate perception of fractions." --quote from the company's website

The game was developed by people with good intentions and is based on solid research.  Check it out.

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