Sunday, February 20, 2011

under the sea art

If you'd like to extend your child's learning after a visit to the aquarium, or just want a fun art project to work on, here is one of my favorites.  It can be done with kids of all ages (a two year-old's work will be less representational than a 10 year-old's, but just as beautiful!):

Materials: paper, crayons, water color paint

Step 1:  Ask your kids to draw their favorite underwater animal using crayons on paper.

Step 2:  Where does that animal like to be?  Near rocks?  Kelp? Coral?  Have your kids draw a background for the animal.  Note: they don't need to draw the water, that will be done with the paint  (unless of course they really want to draw the water with crayons.  Remember: it's their art!)

Step 3:  Ask your kids what color the water may look blue or green or gray or brown to them.  It may even look pink! There is no right answer here.  Have them paint over the drawing with water color paint.  

Step 4:  Look at that masterpiece! Let it dry and hang it somewhere your kids can see so they can revisit it and recall their learning.


  1. Nice Lizard! I'd say the $3000 spent on our "Artistic Lives of Children" class at TC is paying off! I can almost hear the chorus of "Walk All Around" in my mind... Still loving the blog and wish I were closer to take advantage of all your cool recommendations! xoxo

  2. Hahaha! Walk All Around...great jam. Now I'll have it in my head all day! Come visit!!!