Thursday, March 17, 2011

play around the bay

Keep this book in your glove compartment.  Play Around the Bay covers every play space in the San Francisco Bay area...playgrounds, zoos, children's museums, etc.  It's written by moms who've personally tested each place out so you'll know what you're getting into before you arrive.  The writers have summarized the play spaces and included a quick reference for all the logistical things caregivers want to know:  Is there parking?  Bathrooms?  A fenced in play area?  Room for strollers?  Cost?  Hours?

If a real live book with paper pages feels a little old fashioned for you, try Kaboom's online Playspace Finder.  It's less thorough than the book, but a great way to locate playgrounds on the go without leaving the comfort of your smartphone.

Kaboom's Playspace Finder and Play Around the Bay also work well as a team...check out the playgrounds listed on the Kaboom's map to see what is near you, then look up the local spots in Play Around the Bay for playground summaries.

Now GO PLAY!  According to the 10-day forecast, this could be the last nice day we see for a while.  Get outside and soak it up!

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